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If you suffer from any Heart Condition, Low or High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, we suggest staying away from using Sauna, Steam Room. At sauna or steam, we recommend not bringing any jewellery, and wear swimsuit or towel to avoid burning yourself.

Liability Waiver:

I delcare that I am with full legal capacity and physical condition sufficicently good to utilize the facilities and installations of the Spa and that I do this with full knowledge, understanding and appreciation of risks implicated therein.

I hereby Acknowledge and agree to use the facilities and/or treatments of the SPA with the understanding tha the possible risks and/or injuries/diseases which I may sustain personally or through my family, will be my full and complete responsibility, including that stemming for its own negligence and accordingly through this writing. 

I hereby release and discharge the SPA, its owners, operators and managers, its suppliers and employees from any claims, action and demand and all consequential damage on account of or in any way growing out of any and all known and unknown injuries or property damage including claims arising from the use of the SPA treatments received in it.


Also, I accept that all services offered by the SPA are strictly therapeutic, and the SPA is not responsible for any valuable object keep or left at their facilities and all others from the registration card we remind that they also apply to the SPA.

Likewise, I agree, for the construction and fulfilment of the terms set forth herein, to submit solely and exclusively for the tribunals and jurisdiction in which the SPA is established, and I expressively waive the jurisdiction of any other forum to which I may be entitled to claim because of my nationality, or residence.

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